Invader is a person or group who enters by force in order to control and conquer. They want to up residency and pillage your land. We have to be on guard and aware of trespassers. Trespasser's can come in all forms

When we decide to yield our desires to the cross and allow God to live inside of The Holy Spirit will produces fruit in our lives. Only believers can produce this type of fruit. That is why we must protect what God has given us. The bible let us know that we must guard our heart above all else, or it determines the course of our life. We must be aware of trespassers.When we have allowed trespassers in we have taken our eyes off of what is important. The bible tells us to stay alert, watch out for our great enemy, the devil. For he prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Trespassers can come in all forms. It can be unforgiveness doubt, fear,gossip.

Unforgiveness keeps you in a self inflicted prison and from moving forward. You become weaker and less effective. Its hard to work in the full power of God when you are holding onto pain. Doubt comes when you stop believing. When you allow your circumstance to become more powerful than Gods promises.You lose sight of God and allow the enemy to denominate the situation.Challenges are going to come, but its our faith that moves God not our emotions. The bible says that we have faith as small as a mustard seed that we can move mountains. gossip is another invader. In alot of articles that i have read I see that their is a common denominator that gossip creates a bond between people and it serves in social relationships but we must be aware that we are not receiving poison and tuning our ears off to anything that is not building the kingdom. We must take inventory of what we are allowing to receive. There are many ways we can allow trespassers in we must remember no trespassing.

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Have you ever experience an unexpected turn in your life. Laid off from a job,sickness, divorce, death of a love one. If you live long enough you will experience some type of Plot twist in your life. A plot twist is designed to change the outcome of the story. Whenever we accept assignment there will unexpected turns. The thing we can rest in is that God has total control of our story. There are many examples in the bible where people were faced with a plot twist and had to find a way to overcome the challenge. Lets take Joseph the dreamer for example. All he wanted to do was share his dreams with people that he loved. Instead it lead him to a pit, a slave, imprisonment, and forgotten. I don't recall Joseph complaining, instead he made good of every situation. The bible says that through all the changes God was with him. Sold as a slave, Joseph worked in the palace and he soon move up the ranks fast.The bible says that he went from slave to managing a household. Surely Joseph felt comfortable and sense that he had made it. But then there was a Plot twist that no one seen coming!!! Joseph was falsely accused of rape and put in prison. This is a point where the story takes an unexpected turn. This can viewed as a terrible situation depending on your perspective. God views it as an opportunity!!

It's opportunity for all your strengths to come forward. This is not a time to give up! God did not desert you, he is producing something out of you. Remember this is your movie, God is the producer, the holy spirit is the director and you are the main character. Everyone else are just extras. Remember, no one can stop your journey but you! Bad things will happen, you will suffer lost, people will walk away, but only God can determine the outcome. The bible lets us know that the steps of a good man are order by God. If we lean into Gods voice he will guide us even when life has presented a plot twist. Joseph's gift made room for him when he was able to interpret the king's dream and was promoted to ruling a kingdom. God does his best work when we trust him and allow him to produce his best work in us, so whatever has you twisted give it to God he will make your path straight.

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